Wally the Warthog
Species Human / Warthog
Gender Male
Skin Color Dark red with cream stomach
Eye Color White
Speed Mediocre
Jumping Mediocre
Crushing High
First Appearance Rampage: Total Destruction (2006)
Wally absolutely hog-wild when he enters New York - 'warts' up with that? His high health, buldging biceps and obvious good looks will raise your alert level to red. Once he visits, nobody will be welcoming this warthog back.
— Official Rampage: Total Destruction description



He drank Scum Soda and had a violent reaction and turned into a warthog monster.


His only ability is his high health.

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  • Wally is most likely Rampage: Total Destruction's equivalent of Harley, from Rampage Through Time. The only exception being that Harley is more yellow-creamy in skin colour.
  • Despite Wally being an ungulate with hooves, he has clawed hands.
  • Wally's color scheme is most likely an inspiration of Pumbaa from the Disney movie The Lion King.
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