V.E.R.N. the Abomination
Species Abomination (World Tour)
Human / Abomination (Total Destruction)
Gender N/A (World Tour)
Male (Total Destruction)
Skin Color Purple
Eye Color Red
Speed Mediocre
Jumping Mediocre
Crushing High
First Appearance Rampage: World Tour (1997)
Last Appearance Rampage: Total Destruction (2006) (Wii exclusive only)

V.E.R.N. (or Vern) is an Abomination. On the Nintendo Wii version of Rampage: Total Destruction he is a unlockable monster. In Rampage: World Tour any monster can transform into Vern. He flies, allowing the player to attack any area on a building they want, his attacks do far more damage, and he shoot fireballs at flying enemies.


V.E.R.N.'s special ability is radiation immunity. It recovers his health and gives a 500 point bonus Cryo-Tube in Dallas.


  • V.E.R.N.'s name is an acronym, it stands for Violently Enraged Radioactive Nemesis.
  • His updated appearance in Rampage: Total Destruction is notably scrawnier than his previous design.
    • Additionally, he lacks his wings he donned in Rampage: World Tour. Including lack of his fire-breathing ability.
  • V.E.R.N. has only ever appeared in two games in the entire series: Rampage: World Tour and Rampage: Total Destruction.
  • V.E.R.N, Cyril, Fifi, Plucky, Sarah, Squirmy, Fabio, Boris, Ruby and Brian are the only monsters in Rampage: Total Destruction to not be given descriptions on the official website.
  • In Rampage: Total Destruction, he is wearing a loin cloth but for an unknown reason. This could be anthropomorphism. Human elements being retained even as a monster.
  • Though V.E.R.N has a male name, it has never actually been clarified if V.E.R.N is even a male (or female), but from information gathered it can be assumed V.E.R.N is male.
  • V.E.R.N's radiation immunity is mostly a reference to how a monster can transform into that form after consuming purple, radioactive barrels in Rampage: World Tour.
  • V.E.R.N also Has a strong resemblance to the gremlins in Joe Dante’s gremlins films


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