Well, this blog post is technically a day late... oh well...

Another week has passed for Kaiju Combat, so you know what that means? Monster Mondays! That means a new kaiju is released at weekly intervals. This week's monster is a giant, voodoo-possessed zombie alligator: Grimmgarl!

Kaiju Combat - Grimmgarl

Grimmgarl the zombie Alligator!

Yes, I know it is an Alligator, and Crocodiles and Alligators differ in some ways. or instance, an Alligator's "snout" is much longer than a Crocodile's.

Grimmgarl was one of my favourite fanmade kaiju and now she is getting the opportunity to appear in Kaiju Combat!

Though I have a feeling Kaiju Combat is going to suck, Grimmgarl might just make up for some of the much lamer monsters submitted.

This kaiju was just a one-off; I shan't be doing regular Monster Mondays. You'le have to go to Kaiju Combat Design Wiki if you want to stay tuned.

Though that doesn't mean by blogs aren't interesting...

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