Hello, and welcome again to the Devil Hulk Rampage Wiki blog! There are now 12 days left until Christmas! Excited huh? Right, down to business ...

Now, as some of you may be aware, the images of Rampage monsters uploaded are landscape (on it's side). The pictures feature the monster standing vertically but because of the big grey borders on either side of the monster, it makes the image horizontal. None of them are portrait images, which is why I am asking people who are fans of Rampage and are Photoshop experts, because ...

We need YOU!Edit

Yes, we do! We need photoshopping experts like you to edit 3D render images of monsters on each Rampage monster article so they have a clear background (no grey!) and to crop all the sides so they just about touch the top, bottom, left and right of the monster. I would upload an example of what I mean, but the stupid editor will not allow me to upload an image! Well, you guys probably know what I mean. UPDATE: Look at the Recently Uploaded Photos section on Rampage Wiki and look at the pictures to see what I am getting at.

It doesn't matter if you remove all the existing pictures to add new ones, just as long as you create fully improved ones. If you can, also try to remove the water mark from the picture too. I'm sure the websites who used the images wouldn't mind; this is Rampage wiki after all! So, if you think your up for it, please leave a message on my talk page, or commenting so on this blog. Remember that you haved to be logged in to upload photos.

Thank you for reading, that shall be all. Dismissed!

Update! [14/1/13]Edit

Good news! My good friend, 493Titanollante, administrator of 493Titanollante Wiki has generously helped us out and done the job for us. He is a real credit to this wiki, so if you see him, tell him he did a good job and well done! There should be more people like him out there y'know.

All we have to do now is simply sort out the last 10 that were included on the Wii version of Rampage: Total Destruction. 493Titanollante could not find the concept art or renders for them, so we'l probably have to make do with choppy screenshots until I can probably draw up some unofficial concepts. Unofficial is better than nothing right? Unofficial can be accurate.