A game called Kaiju Combat has been announced and is currently in kickstarter phase. It is basically a giant monster fighting game based upon the same engine that ran similar games such as Godzilla:Unleashed. It is also going to be produced by Simon Strange, the lead developer of the project that not only brought us the Godzilla computer game trilogy but Rampage: Total Destruction  aswell! Unfortunately, him and his design team have very little money to spare producing the game; they need $60,000 (I think) to fund the game's production, so please help this giant gem come into reality by donating money to it's development! If you donate $45 or more you get exclusive access to Kaiju Combat's developers forums, donate more and-- well, click the link here to find out! Personally, I cannot put any money towards this kickstarter if I wanted, particularly because I live in Britain, we have pounds (£), so I apologize to any people who want Kaiju Combat to become a reality. In addition, thought I would mention this whilst it is upon the topic of Kaiju Combat: I am considerably looking forward to Macrosaurus, Moratitan, Exterminus and Urogora.
Kaiju Combat Wallpaper - Urogora vs Kirikon

Kaiju Combat Wallpaper, featuring Urogora battling Kirikon!

As Simon Strange originally made Rampage: Total Destruction we could expect chances of Rampage monsters appearing as part of a KC add-on pack. who knows, maybe the monsters will be revamped by the legendary kaiju artist Matt Frank (formally known as KaijuSamurai on DeviantART). Hope for the best, I certainly am! (Despite the fact that it is being released for PC first; I'm a console guy).