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  • MechanicOrga

    I have been meaning to type this up in, what, ages? Oh well! :3

    So yeah, a YouTuber called Mr Whitman has uploaded 2 videos, revealing all of the monsters on the Wii version (also he shows the cards and stats on either side). If you feel like taking a screenshot of each card and statistic then that's great! It'll prove exceedingly useful for Rampage Wiki and its articles. The videos are as follows:

    Rampage: Total Destruction (Wii) All Monsters Part 1

    Rampage: Total Destruction (Wii) All Monsters Part 2

    A big thank you to Mr Whitman for uploading these videos; I've been searching for weeks for a video detailing each of them (with footage also). Be sure to check out his channel too.


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  • MechanicOrga

    Well, this blog post is technically a day late... oh well...

    Another week has passed for Kaiju Combat, so you know what that means? Monster Mondays! That means a new kaiju is released at weekly intervals. This week's monster is a giant, voodoo-possessed zombie alligator: Grimmgarl!

    Yes, I know it is an Alligator, and Crocodiles and Alligators differ in some ways. or instance, an Alligator's "snout" is much longer than a Crocodile's.

    Grimmgarl was one of my favourite fanmade kaiju and now she is getting the opportunity to appear in Kaiju Combat!

    Though I have a feeling Kaiju Combat is going to suck, Grimmgarl might just make up for some of the much lamer monsters submitted.

    This kaiju was just a one-off; I shan't be doing regular Monster Mondays…

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  • MechanicOrga

    Some Good News!

    March 21, 2013 by MechanicOrga

    As bad as this first part sounds, my Samsung computer was no longer capable of editing wiki articles (for some unexplained reason). Then, even worse, my computer failed to establish internet connections. I told my parents and they feared that it was a virus I may have accidentally downloaded. However, the answer was simple: re-establish the connection. It worked!

    Now, onto the actual good news: my parents also downloaded the Firefox search engine, as Internet Explorer kept on screwing up. Firefox supports article editing, so now I am able to edit articles once again, and not not just post comments!

    Oh, and tomorrow is my BIRTHDAY! Friday the 22nd of March! Happy birthday to me!

    Thank you for reading!

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  • MechanicOrga

    UPDATE - if you see "~Official Rampage: Total Destruction description~" beneath monster descriptions, please change it so it says "- Official Description". It's neater and tidyer. I mean people can take our word for it.

    I have been experimenting with different kinds of ways the articles can be constructed. So far most of them are wordy, and because many of the monsters are, shall we say, relatively the same gameplay wise, we want each monster article, particularly Rampage: Total Destruction monsters, interesting to read. Should they be more humorous or should they be a serious format and leave Rampage Monstrologie Wiki to do it for us?

    Anyhow here is a suggestive template:

    "Insert monster description here."

    ~ Official 'X' description ~

    X is a ? m…

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  • MechanicOrga

    Hello Rampage Wiki Contributors! I have typed up this blog post to type up a very curious question:

    I was casually searching for Rampage 2: Universal Tour cheat codes for the first Playstation, so then I could eventually type them in the Rampage 2: Universal Tour article. But then I came a cross a code for a surposed monster by the name of "Lorge". Who the heck is Lorge? Is he an actual monster or did some pitiful fanboy type it up? Is it just a combination of George and Lizzie? Somebody has a lot of explaining to do ...

    If any of you fellow readers know about this"Lorge" monster, then please inform me about him. What I want to know is: Is he real or fake? The alledged password to "unlock" him is 'SZ27X'. I have only played the Nintendo 64 ver…

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