Ze Wiki Shelby

Shelby, as seen in Rampage: Total Destruction.

"Some may mock this turtle for her average jumping and crushing abilities, but what they don't realise is slow and steady wins the race. Under Shelby the tortoise's tough exterior lies a turtle in a half shell with super high health. The only shell game Shelby plays involves crushing block after city block in Frisco"

~ Official Rampage: Total Destruction description ~


Shelby drank some Scum Soda and had a violent reaction, and turned into a giant tortoise. Scumlabs caught her and put her in a Cryo-Tube after she went on a rampage.


She is a mutant tortoise with a bumpy shell, sharp claws, and sharp teeth. Her design is based on snapping turtles.    


  • Her name may come from the word "Shell", the name of a turtle's caparace
  • It is unknown, whether or not, if Shelby was inspired by Gamera, a giant tortoise kaiju, or Kamoebas, another giant tortoise kaiju.
  • Shelby somewhat resembles Bowser, from the Super Mario Bros franchise (particularly the shell and beak).

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