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Rojo, as seen in Rampage: Total Destruction.

"When Rojo enters your city, you better hope you're ready for your own version of running FROM the bull! Citizens of Chicago will be seeing red if they try and grab this bull by the horns. Rojo takes a while to get up to full speed, but once he does the city's going to be knee deep in Rojo's destruction!"

- Rampage: Total Destruction

Rojo the Bull--


Rojo drank Scum Soda and turned into a giant Bull monster with a nose ring.


Rojo doesn't like eating steak


  • In Rampage Through Time, the monsters encounter a Minotaur. Whether or not its appearence influenced Rojo's design in any way is unknown. It could be merely a coincidence.
  • Just like Kyle and V.E.R.N, Rojo retains a human apparel: his nose ring. Then again, a bull with a nose ring is a fairly common sight.
  • Rojo means red in Spanish. This is a reference to the color of the cape matadors use while bullfighting.
  • if Rojo eats the steak he will vomit as in for commons sense he is part cattle

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