Ramsey the Ram
Species Human / Ram
Gender Male
Fur Color White
Skin Color Black
Eye Color White
Speed Fast
Jumping Mediocre
Crushing High
First Appearance Rampage: Total Destruction (2006)
Ramsey puts the RAM in Rampage. There are no butts about it. His amazing crushing ability make him an awesomely powerful monster. So what if he's got an ugly mug, if you mess with this ram, you get the horns!
— Official Rampage: Total Destruction description

Ramseyis a ram-like monster that made his first debut in Rampage: Total Destruction. He is one of 30 playable monsters (40 on the Nintendo Wii version). This is the only Rampage game he has appeared in.


Ramsey was just an ordinary human until he drank Scum Soda and had a violent reaction that mutated him into a giant ram-like monster. He then went on a rampage until he was captured and imprisoned in a Cryo-Tube. At an unknown point, Ramsey somehow broke out of his Cryo-Tube and continue his rampage throughout the city.


Aside from having high strength, he has no special abilities whatsoever.


  • Ramsey, Gilman and Rhett are the only new monsters in Rampage: Total Destruction who are unlocked at the start (On the Nintendo Wii version of the game Boris and Ruby are also playable, though already appearing in previous installments).
  • Ramsey, Nick and Philbert, are the only monsters with curved horns on their heads.
  • Despite being a ram, Ramsey does not have hooves for feet. He actually has claws on both fingers and toes.
  • According to the official Rampage: Total Destruction website, the Channel 3 news reporter Mike Molloy mentions that before Ramsey was mutated he was in fact a compulsive chocoholic, being absolutely mad upon eating chocolate. He retains this craving even as a monster. Ramsey is seen in footage wrecking a large chocolate factory in San Francisco.


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