The world is again rebuilding after the events of Universal Tour. To clean up the mess quicker, Scumlabs invent a time machine to send people back in time to fix the mess without having to do it in the present. Unfortunately, the monsters, who have somehow made it back to Earth, appear and run into the machine. They begin terrorizing the past, present, and future, messing up the time stream.


Name Description Food Power
George A King Kong-like ape bananas Ape stomp.
Lizzie A Godzilla-like dinosaur/lizard egg Fire breath.
Ralph A Black Wolf steak Wolf Howl.
Curtis A mouse cheese Rat bottom feeder.
Boris A rhinoceros salad Rhino charge.
Ruby A lobster fish Lobster can opener.
Myukus A cyclops-like alien turkey Explosive eye.
Harley A new monster: warthog chicken legs Boar butt blast.


  • Persia: 336 BC – Shiraz, Persepolis, Bishapur (Mini-game: Rug-O-Rama - Turn the most tiles to your color to win)
  • Alien: 3245 AD – Divax, Ruelez, Threeya (Mini-game: Black Hole - Stay alive by avoiding the black hole and enemy shots)
  • China: 1327 BC – Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei (Mini-game: Chinese Dragons - Eat rockets and bombs to gain length and gold bars for points)
  • Gangster: 1925 AD – Dearborn, Skidrow, State Street (Mini-game: Gangster Fight - Hit the getaway cars for points)
  • Neo Japan: 2034 AD – Kobe, Sapporo, Tokyo (Mini-game: Space Skirmish - Shoot space rocks and enemy space shuttles for points)
  • Old West: 1890 AD – Dodge City, Sioux City, Tombstone (Mini-game: Shootout - Shoot the moving targets for points and effects)
  • Renaissance: 1478 AD – Rome, Milan, Florence (Mini-game: Il Snako - Eat a set of three different prizes to earn points)
  • Dickens: 1851 AD - London, Manchester, York (Mini-game: Street Battle - Throw humans at other monsters for points)
  • Eskimo: 1802 AD – Tok, Ketchiken, Nenana (Mini-game: Ice Smash - Line up three blocks of your color to score points)
  • Pirates: 1699 AD – Luzon, Manila, Mindanao (Mini-game: Pirate Treasure - Pick up treasures for points while avoiding islands)
  • Egypt: 1655 BC – Cairo, Giza, Luxor (Mini-game: Egyptian Stones - Group two or more blocks of your color to score points)
  • Medieval: 1013 AD – Avalon, Camelot, Saxony (Mini-game: Castle Crush - Protect your castle with your shield)
  • Atlantis: 9780 BC – Cleito, Amaki, Poseida (Mini-game: Scuba Fight - Shoot torpedoes at enemy divers for points)
  • Greece: 446 BC – Athens, Delphi, Sparta (Mini-game: Arkopolis - Destroy blocks with your ball to score points)
  • Colonial: 1751 AD - Jamestown, Fort Ticonderoga, Fort Henry (Mini-game: Colonial Boats - Shoot cannon balls at enemy boats for points)
  • War Zone: 1943 AD – Lyon, Bastogne, Paris (Mini-game: Air Aces - Shoot down enemy planes and pilots for points)
  • Mayan: 555 AD – Macchu Pichu, Teotihuacan, Zarahemla (Mini-game: Mayan Masks - Turn the most tiles your color to win)
  • Neo Techno: 2112 AD – Opecville, Dumpsteria, Geneval (Mini-game: Robospiders - A boss level; destroy the generator before the legions of robots overwhelm you)
  • Jurassic: 2,000,000 BC – Jur Angeles, Stonyapolis, Swamp Lake City (Mini-game: Dino Swarm - Throw cavemen at the dinosaurs in this boss level)
  • Scumlabs: 2000 AD - Area 17, Area 42, Area 51 (Mini-game: Mutant Buster - Tired of watching your Rampage, Scumlabs unleashes their ultimate weapon, the Mutant Buster)