Larry the Rat
Larry the Rat
Species Human / Rat
Gender Male
Hair Color Gray
Skin Color Cream
Eye Color Dark Brown
Speed N/A
Jumping N/A
Crushing N/A
First Appearance Rampage (1986) (Atari Lynx version only)

Larry the Rat was a special fourth character added to the Atari Lynx version of Rampage (1986). Little is known about him other than being a cashier in the cafeteria and company snitch at the chemical lab. He ate tainted creamed spinach on a dare. He began to grow a tail and his head started looking like a creepy rat. Next thing he knew, he had this strong craving for cheese.

He smashed stores, crushed houses, and fought off entire armies sent to protect the city. As he trashed the town, he looked for anything edible. Hamburgers, bread, even hapless citizens couldn't quench the insatiable appetite of this horrible fiend.


  • Larry is the first rat monster to appear in the series, followed by Curtis and Rhett.
  • In the movie, there is a mutated rat who may be a reference to Larry. 
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