Ze Wiki Jill

Jill, as seen in Rampage: Total Destruction.

"Even the world’s largest jar of peanut butter wouldn’t help you get along with this Jellyfish. Jill is a double threat, with both an electric personality and speed that is faster than a bolt of lightning. Unfortunately for Jill, her tentacles don’t do much damage. Nevertheless she manages to prove that even without a backbone she’s got the goods to tear apart Hong Kong."

- Official Rampage: Total Destruction


Jill drank Scum Soda and a had violent reaction that mutated her into a giant jellyfish


  • Debut: Rampage: Total Destruction

Abilities Edit

She is immune to electricity and water. And has very good speed.


  • Jill's eyes appear inside her head in her proflie picture, but they are on the outside, at the front of her head, during gameplay. Her eyes don't appear to be attached to anything, so it is unknown how they stay attached to her head.
  • As Jill is transparent, it should be possible to see food and humans digesting in her body, instead food and humans disappear when eaten.
  • Jill's dorsal fin is similar to that of Portugese man o'war, which are not actually jellyfish. They can cause painful stings that are occasionally fatal to humans.
  • She is the only monster to have two immunities towards hazards (electricity and water).

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