Harry the Yeti
Species Human / Yeti
Gender Male
Hair Color White
Skin Color Dark Blue
Eye Color Red
Speed Fast
Jumping High
Crushing Mediocre
First Appearance Rampage: Total Destruction (2006)
Harry the yeti has done some truely abominable things to the cities he's razed, and he's showing no signs of chilling out anytime soon. His years of hiding in the Himalayas gave him time to develope an unnaturally quick climbing ability. Even the highest skyscrapers of Chicago prove to be a useless getaway retreat for his victims.
— Official Rampage: Total Destruction description



Harry is a yeti monster. He drank Scum Soda and became a yeti-like monster. He made his first appearance in Rampage: Total Destruction.


Harry has a high climbing speed.



  • In some ways, Harry looks very similar to George's original looks that he got in the first ever Rampage game, Rampage (excluding the fur/skin colour)
  • Harry looks very similar to Blizzard, a virtuous god from Primal Rage. This could be due to both games being made by Midway.
  • Additionally,  the 2003 videogame War of the Monsters' Congar had a 2nd costume being a yeti having white fur. Harry looks very similar to Congar's 2nd skin.
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