Harley the Boar
Species Human / Boar
Gender Male
Fur Color Black
Skin Color Yellow
Eye Color Red
Speed N/A
Jumping N/A
Crushing N/A
First Appearance Rampage Through Time (2000) (Playstation exclusive only)


Harley is a boar type monster/mutant that made his first appearance Rampage Through Time. He can be seen on the box cover, seemingly being transported through a portal with his mouth wide open and his hand reaching out on the box cover. He is an exclusive monster to Rampage Through Time. The game was only released on the Playstation.


Boar Butt Blast: A highly destructive fart similar in power to Ralph's wolf howl.


  • In Rampage Through Time, his favourite food is chicken legs.
  • It is unknown how he even became a monster, but a third accident at a Scumlabs facility is most likely the cause.
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