Fifi the Poodle
Species Human / Dog
Gender Female
Fur Color White
Skin Color Light Pink
Eye Color Yellow
Speed Mediocre
Jumping Mediocre
Crushing High
First Appearance Rampage: Total Destruction (2006) (Wii exclusive only)


Fifi is a poodle-type monster/mutant. She is exclusive to the Wii version of Rampage: Total Destruction. She drank Scum Soda and had a violent reaction and turned into a giant poodle monster.


Fifi is a giant poodle monster with yellow eyes, white fur, and pale peach skin. She wears a pink hairband with a bow on it and a spiked collar.


  • Fifi along with crock can't get damage from cats
  • Much like Kyle, Vern, and Rojo, Fifi has human apparel on: her spiked collar and pink bowed headband.
  • Fifi, V.E.R.N, and Plucky are the monsters that are hidden in Dallas Sarah, Cyril, and Squimy in Dallas night.


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