Ze Wiki Edwin

Edwin, as seen in Rampage; Total Destruction.

"Edwin’s not from around here, and he’ll make sure that nobody else stays around him in the city of London! Edwin has superior physical abilities, probably from years of experience destroying puny worlds like ours. His only weakness is that all that power has made him confident – Edwin is slow to cut loose with a Rampage."

- Rampage: Total Destruction


Edwin drank Scum Soda and had a violent reaction turning him a alien-like monster.


He gains energy at half the normal rate so it takes longer for him to achieve Rampage mode.


  • Why Edwin is an Invader is unknown. The opening cutscene implies that all who drank Scum Soda were human.
  • Arvin Bautista's concept art for Edwin has "dick" in it's title. Whether Edwin's was originally named Dick is unknown. (Source:

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