Rampage curtis 640w

Rampage curtis 640w

Curtis the Mouse
Species Human / Mouse
Gender Male
Fur Color White
Skin Color Cream
Eye Color Red
Speed Fast
Jumping Mediocre
Crushing Low
First Appearance Rampage 2: Universal Tour (1999)
Last Appearance Rampage: Puzzle Attack (2002)



Curtis as he appeared in Rampage Puzzle Attack (2001).

Curtis is a giant mouse, who was one of the newer generation of monsters spawned in Rampage 2: Universal Tour.

Before he became a monster/mutant, Boris, Curtis and Ruby were in a lab in Scum Labs, they were transformed into monsters during an accident at the lab, simultaneously recreating the original events of Rampage: World Tour. Curtis is already playable at the start of Rampage 2: Universal Tour and Rampage Through Time. In parallel to Rampage: World Tour, Curtis is the technical version of Ralph of Rampage 2: Universal Tour.


Curtis has white fur with peach-cream skin highlights. he has 2 huge buck-teeth and sharp teeth behind. He has huge ears and clawed feet. The palms of Curtis' hands are highlighted with skin. He has a pink tail.


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