Brian the Brain Monster
Species Human / Brain Monster
Gender Male
Skin Color Purple
Eye Color White
Speed Mediocre
Jumping Mediocre
Crushing Mediocre
First Appearance Rampage: Total Destruction (2006) (Wii exclusive only)

Brian is a Brain monster.


He drank Scum Soda and had a violent reaction and turned into a giant brain-like monster.


  • Brian, Sarah, Fifi, Plucky, Squirmy, Fabio, Boris and Ruby are the only monsters in Rampage: Total Destruction to not be given descriptions on the official website.
  • Brian the Brain could be a tribute to Brian Colin, the original creator of the Rampage series. The developers of Rampage: Total Destruction could consider Brian Colin to be a "genius" for creating Rampage, a substancial reference made by Brian the Brain's large brain.
  • Brian makes a striking resemblence to the Martians from the Mars Attacks! franchise. This reference could also be made clear when he "invades" cities.
    • In addition, Mitch the Secret Service Agent from Mars Attacks! is acted by Brian Haley. This could meerly be coincidence though.


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