Area 51 appears against Rampage 2 Universal Tour, Myukus on Jail, when Monsters rescue the Myukus, When it's alien invasion to Capture him, Ralph The Wolf was rescued, George The Ape has been rescued, Lizzie got Rescued by the monsters while starts the game, Saving game, Ruby, Boris, Curtis, More monsters, It's Rescued when one more time appears Title:Nice One! Beacuse it is matches like doing, When going to planets, Alien Cities, Destorying Final it's Ending,

Ending Edit

The alien's News before it's TV Can Ending It's going to be more, Can Myukus Attack alien when Not going to watch it! So, Alien was slain by Myukus, The End,

Destorying Edit

Destorying Area 51 whices appears it's gonna Rescue, Ruby's Tornado destroying fast from TAS, (It's Triggered about due by something,)